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Schedule of Activities

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Producing Video

Producing Classroom Video Creating your own video is not as difficult a task as you may believe....
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Using Video and the LCD Projector

  See, Hear, Talk... LEARN (Using Video with LCDs)   Does your school have...
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Using Video in the Classroom

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Myths about ICT

Below are teachers' views of ICT in their classrooms.  What do you...
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Visual Literacy in The Classroom

  Visual Literacy   . . . the learned ability to interpret visual messages...

Ave Maria Infant Professional Development Exercise




It is widely understood that our children see the world through different lenses than we do.  Their outlook of the world is negotiated through sounds and images on television screens, computers, tablets, and phones.  It is one unconfined by physical location, especially the four walls of the classroom.  Because our students see the world through these digital lenses and interact with it on ICT mediated platforms, we, as teachers, must acknowledge that these ICTs will undoubtedly impact the way we think about teaching and learning, the way we teach,  our roles and the roles of our students. 

This professional development activity is designed to help teachers reflect on the impact of digital technologies on the way we go about our jobs as teachers.  It is aimed at giving teachers opportunities to examine and reflect on the new meanings of learning in twenty-first century, and new views of how our learners interact with information through different media.  This activity is also geared towards developing basic competencies in selecting, creating and using video in the classroom.





Participants in this activity will:


  • Demonstrate an awareness of the impact of digital technologies on the teaching and learning process.
  • Create effective plans for the use of video in the classroom.
  • Understand the role of visual literacy in the instructional process.
  • Create short video for instruction.
  • Share classroom video.



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