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Using Video and the LCD Projector

28/03/2013 05:44


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(Using Video with LCDs)


Does your school have an LCD projector for use in the classroom? You can use this to your advantage in moving your teaching from mere chalk-and-talk to an interactive, multimodal delivery that captures, maintains and exploits student attention.One medium that fittingly complements the LCD projector is video.


In his article, The Influence of Media on Learning: The Debate Continues, Robert B. Kozma (1994) highlights the effects of video, including "the simultaneous presentation of auditory and visual information, the processing pace required by transient presentations of information, and the ways in which dynamic qualities might affect a learner's mental models." 


But before your students can reap the benefits from this medium, preparation on your part is vital. Here are a few tips for preparing for a presentation using video and LCDs:

  1. Preview the video that you intend to use. This way you can be sure of the appropriateness of the content and it will give you a chance to do any necessary editing.
  2. Include in your lesson plan how the media will be used. You want your use of media to be effective, so you may decide what to tell students to look out for, and where you may want to pause the video to pose questions, give reminders or initiate discussions.
  3. Have a backup plan. Things may go wrong so you may want to have a copy of the video saved externally in case the internet is not available, and an extra computer or laptop if necessary. You may even want to make sure that a technician is close by in case of serious emergencies.
  4. Test speakers to make sure that they work well. You want all of your students to hear comfortably. 
  5. Have a "dress rehearsal". A run-through of your presentation lets you know that everything works as it should and gives you an opportunity to make adjustments where necessary. You also become familiar with using the  technology.
  6. Set up in advance of the lesson. This saves you time and will be more effective in capturing students' attention. Ensure that the arrangement of the classroom allows all students to see the screen comfortably.


These are just a few tips for preparing for a lesson using video and LCDs. For more information on the strengths and limitations of using video as well as LCDs, read Instructional Media: Chalkboards to Video 


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