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Visual Literacy in The Classroom

28/03/2013 03:30


Visual Literacy


. . . the learned ability to interpret visual messages accurately and to create such messages.


Developing Visual Literacy:


Input Strategies - Helping learners to decode, or "read" visuals proficiently by practicing visual analysis skills.

  • Developmental Effects
  • Cultural Effects
  • Visual Preferences


Output - Helping learners to encode, or "write" visuals to express themselves and communicate with others.


Role of Visuals in Instruction


  • Provide a concrete referent for ideas
  • Make abstract ideas concrete
  • Motivate Learners
  • Direct attention
  • Repeat information in different formats
  • Recall prior learning
  • Reduce learner effort


Taken from Smaldino, Lowther and Russell (2008: 52-58)


Click here to view visual literacy tutorial.


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